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Thursday, Nov 29
iCoratia - Available on the App store.
Saturday, Nov 5
iCoratia - coming soon to App Store.


We kindly invite you to take a few moments and contemplate about a perfect holiday…
  • What does the term perfect holidays mean to you?
  • Does it involve relaxing on a nice beach? Sightseeing perhaps? Meeting new people? Or exploring the gastronomic facilities? Maybe a vivid night life is the right answer?

Ok, that wasn't too hard, right? But, let us challenge you a bit more. How about a perfect holiday according to your own preferences without additional stress and inconvenience that sometimes comes as an inevitable and hopefully minor disadvantage (when you are away from home)? For example, when you can't find something just when you need it? Or get lost and frustrated wondering around looking for it? Or when you stumble upon the language barrier with your hosts?

Now it's time for some good news! For all of you who have perhaps already made your plans, or set your mind to visit Croatia for your next holidays, as well as for all of you who regularly come to our beautiful country for business or for pleasure and also for all of you who are still thinking about coming, Omni Bit Group Ltd. proudly presents a brand new application which will enable you to enjoy your stay in Croatia and that's not all; it will make you feel at home.

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